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Homeowners & Residents

If you are a homeowner, please make sure a stamped, filed copy of your warranty deed and a copy of your current homeowner's insurance certificate are on file with the Business Office. 


Please visit the HOA Documents page for a copy of the Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions and Bylaws.

Insurance Requirements:  Homeowner's insurance must be a full replacement dwelling or “Homeowner's” policy, not Condominium, Townhome, or Rental. The policy must include full replacement value exterior coverage and list Greenfield Village Homes Association as an additionally insured. 

Insurance certificates are renewed annually. Please make sure you or your insurance agent are sending the current certificate each year. 

Lien Releases: Liens are released when there is no past due balance on the property. Upon receipt of payment in full via certified funds, the lien will be released. Volunteer board members must sign all lien releases, and the process requires approximately 2 weeks. 

Change of Address: Please submit an emergency data form for all address changes. 

Work orders must be submitted by the homeower. If you are not the homeowner, please contact them to request they submit the work order for you. 

Submit A Work Order

Thank you for contacting us.

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