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Current homeowners may be able to rent the clubhouse. 

Please contact the Business office at 816-765-1071 or for more information and rates.

  • Homeowner reserving the Clubhouse must be on the premises at all times.

  • Admission charges not permitted.

  • Occupancy is limited and must be reported to the Business Office.

  • No alcohol allowed.

  • No smoking in the building.

  • The Exterior Common Grounds are not included with clubhouse rentals. 

  • The use of confetti, (paper or otherwise) and rice is prohibited.

  • Homeowner renting clubhouse is responsible for all set-up, tear-down and cleaning of the Clubhouse. Homeowner must bring all cleaning supplies, trash bags and equipment to properly clean the building before exiting. Clubhouse is to be cleaned and returned to the condition in which it was received. Failure to do so will result in all or part of the deposit being withheld and revoked Clubhouse privileges.

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