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Frequently Asked Questions



February 2024







How do I pay my monthly dues

You can mail the monthly check to 6300 E 128th Terrace, Grandview, MO or drop it off in the dropbox next to the clubhouse door (the clubhouse door faces the circle drive on 128th Terrace). You can also pay with a money order or with certified funds.  Please include your home address with the payment. At this time, the HOA does not have automatic payments.

Insurance Requirements: 

Each homeowner’s insurance coverage should be:

  • A full coverage “Homeowner” policy, not Condominium, Townhome or Renters

  • A policy that includes exterior coverage, full replacement value

  • A policy listing Greenfield Village as an additionally insured

Greenfield Village Homes Association does not carry insurance on Townhomes. The Association has insurance coverage for the Common Grounds and property owned by the Village as required by the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Greenfield Village Homes Association.

Pet Owners:

Homeowners are responsible for the following as required by Grandview, MO city ordinance:

  • All pets must be on a leash or inside a fence when outdoors—no exceptions!

  • Pets allowed to wander outdoors should be reported to Grandview Animal Control.

  • All pets must be vaccinated to live within the city limits of Grandview.

  • Excessive heat or cold is dangerous for pets. Please provide pets allowed to live in patio areas with adequate shade, water and shelter. Monitor them closely for signs of distress.

  • Pet owners who allow their pets to live in the patio are required to clean up all pet waste and maintain cleanliness standards. Failure to do so will result in Greenfield Village reporting such violations to the City of Grandview, MO, Neighborhood Services.


How do we dispose of trash?

  • Weekly trash collection is each Saturday morning, including holidays. There is a limit of 5 bags per week. Trash must be set on the yellow line in all drives. Failure to set the trash out as explained will result in a missed pick-up for the week.

  • Trash must be set out in secure bags. Trash in cans are acceptable when trash is secured in bags. Loose trash is not acceptable.

  • If you miss trash pick-up, please move your trash to a suitable area away from the view of others until the next Saturday.

  • Greenfield Village does not provide for removal or large or bulky items, townhome cleanouts, etc. If you need excess household trash, large/ bulky items removed, please arrange for a private hauler at your expense. Homeowners may choose any contractor licensed by the City of Grandview to provide such services. A list of trash haulers
    approved by the City of Grandview is available at the city website

  • Homeowners desiring to utilize a dumpster at their townhome must first contact the business office to obtain prior approval. Dumpsters are not allowed on the common grounds for more than 3 days, and the placement location must be determined by Greenfield Village staff. Failure to obtain prior authorization of the specific location and dates of placement will result in the dumpster being removed by the Greenfield Village tow service without further notification and all charges assessed to the homeowner’s account with Greenfield Village.


How does parking work? 

  • Each townhome is assigned two (2) specific parking spaces under a carport or inside a garage.

  • Visitor spaces are not for homeowner/resident use. Violators will be tagged and are

  • subject to tow at owner’s expense.

  • Parking in fire lanes is strictly prohibited, even for short-term use. Violators are subject to tow at owner’s expense.

  • Moving trucks, cars, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles are not permitted on lawns within Greenfield Village. Damage fees at a minimum of $75 will be charged to the homeowner’s account.

  • All vehicles on Greenfield Village  property must be properly registered and tagged with current stickers as applicable. Additionally, all vehicles must be operable. Vehicles not in compliance are subject to tow at owner’s expense.

  • Homeowners/ residents are permitted to park only in their designated spaces. Parking in other homeowner/resident spaces without written authorization and statement of

  • assumption of liability from applicable homeowner on file in the GVHA business office.

  • Parents who take their children to the bus stop are not permitted to park in fire lanes. Violators are subject to police citation and/or tow.

  • Commercial vehicles are not to be parked at Greenfield Village except while providing a specific service. Commercial vehicles not engaged in a valid service will be towed without notice.


Thinking About New Windows, Doors or Other Exterior Improvements?

If you are considering improvements or modifications at your townhome that are visible from the exterior of the property, please remember, per the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, the homeowner is required to submit a request and obtain approval from the Architectural Control Committee of Greenfield Village prior to any improvements or changes. Please call the business office to receive a form that explains the items to include when presenting a request to the Committee.

Homeowners maintenance responsibilities include:  

  • Windows, doors, screens, garage doors and detached garages (excluding roof) 

  • patio areas, to include: concrete, fence, patio gate, mailbox, paint and vegetation/tree growth from inside patio

  • flower gardens and landscape areas that have been created or modified by current or previous homeowner/residents

  • chipped, peeling paint on doors (front/garage) exterior detached garages

  • broken window panes and screens

  • damaged fences, gates


Are homeowners allowed to landscape around their unit? 

Plants, personal items, and lawn ornamentation are permitted only in the area between the sidewalk and the Townhome. Homeowners/residents are responsible for all maintenance of this area when Homeowner changes/modifications have been made. When a homeowner makes landscaping changes in the area described above, it is homeowner responsibility to notify any future buyers of changes/modifications and their responsibility for those changes/modifications.

Are utilities part of the monthly dues? 

Water is included with monthly dues. Gas, electric and sewer services are not. Please contact the utilities listed below to set up your accounts and make payment arrangements. 

Monthly Dues
Insurance Requirements
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